Giannina Wilkinson Avatar
Giannina Wilkinson
4/15/2021 - Google

Fast, friendly and very responsive. Came to give me a same day proposal and work was done the next day.... read more

Carly Fay Avatar
Carly Fay
4/08/2021 - Google

Fantastic experience working with Universal Construction. Very responsive and professional during the entire process.

Jared Stuckey Avatar
Jared Stuckey
2/22/2021 - Google

Highly recommended! Leo was very professional and responsive. He patiently answered all my questions and clearly explained everything. His team... read more

Andrew Moraco Avatar
Andrew Moraco
2/22/2021 - Google

Outstanding to have someone local with slate expertise. They did a great job removing 30 years of mold and... read more

David Zylber Avatar
David Zylber
2/22/2021 - Google

They were incredibly responsive, well-priced, and professional. I hired them to remove snow and ice dams from our house.

George Wells Avatar
George Wells
1/22/2021 - Google

prompt, courteous, and reasonably priced! I will definitely use again if needed.

Shirly Ellison Avatar
Shirly Ellison
1/22/2021 - Google

Universal Construction was so responsive after a storm ripped down part of our siding. It wasn't a huge job, but... read more

A M Avatar
12/22/2020 - Google

Luccas and the team at Universal Construction are amazing! They were so responsive and able to come the same day... read more

KV Shisler Avatar
KV Shisler
11/22/2020 - Google

Terrific. Just the way SERVICE calls should be. Inspection, quote and repairs on my roof completed... read more

emily delinski Avatar
emily delinski
10/22/2020 - Google

Fantastic service!

Melina Bressan Avatar
Melina Bressan
10/22/2020 - Google

Great company! These guys know what they are doing! I recommend.

James Gore Avatar
James Gore
10/22/2020 - Google

Very professional did what they were supposed to do quickly and efficiently

Zelna Fourie Avatar
Zelna Fourie
10/22/2020 - Google

Quick response time on project detail and easy to communicate with. Knowledgeable and professional team with reasonable pricing. ... read more

Aaron Clayton Avatar
Aaron Clayton
10/22/2020 - Google

Leo’s was one of four firms that I had come out to since a roofing problem and Leo was... read more

Salyna Anza Avatar
Salyna Anza
10/22/2020 - Google

They came to the office to fix our Skylight. Came next day. Done by the end of the day!! Thank... read more

Carlos Quinones Avatar
Carlos Quinones
10/22/2020 - Google

Would never use anyone else. These guys were quick to respond and most importantly VERY professional.

John DePratti Avatar
John DePratti
7/22/2020 - Google

Leandro and his team are the best! We could not be happier with the quality and level of service... read more

Kim Cieslak Avatar
Kim Cieslak
4/22/2020 - Google

Leandro was fabulous. He responded immediately to an urgent call as we had rain water leaking into our interior living... read more

Norm V Avatar
Norm V
4/22/2020 - Google

Leandro and his crew were great. They showed up on time and worked tirelessly to replace the roof on... read more

Deborah Conway Avatar
Deborah Conway
4/22/2020 - Google

The team was on time, it was a big project. They did an exceptional job and the clean up was... read more

Shantanu Gaur Avatar
Shantanu Gaur
4/22/2020 - Google

Very professional, quick, and efficient. Highly recommended.

Daniel Ochoa Avatar
Daniel Ochoa
4/22/2020 - Google

Great work. Very reliable and professional.

James Kirk Avatar
James Kirk
4/22/2019 - Google

I have used them twice for small roof repairs. Leandro is quick to respond and they got the jobs... read more

Mary Keating Avatar
Mary Keating
4/22/2019 - Google

The crew arrived on time 8 am and went right to work. They worked fast and were very neat.... read more

Lisa Held Avatar
Lisa Held
4/22/2019 - Google

I would highly recommend Universal Construction. They were very responsive, showed up on time, were very polite, did an... read more

Carly F. Avatar
Carly F.
3/31/2021 - Thumbtack

Fantastic experience with Universal Construction. Very responsive and professional during the entire process.

Mac C. Avatar
Mac C.
3/24/2021 - Thumbtack

Leandro was terrific. He gave us a quote for repairs and for a new roof, and he was candid that... read more

John E. Avatar
John E.
3/12/2021 - Thumbtack

Great work. On time and done right.

Michelle F. Avatar
Michelle F.
3/05/2021 - Thumbtack

They were prompt and courteous. Did a good job.

David H. Avatar
David H.
2/12/2021 - Thumbtack

Leandro and his crew are very easy to work with, show up on time, and do great work. Would highly... read more

Slav D. Avatar
Slav D.
1/26/2021 - Thumbtack

Leo and team did an excellent job on a roof repair. Leo was quite knowledgeable and had some great recommendations... read more

Tom C. Avatar
Tom C.
1/13/2021 - Thumbtack

Had some gutter work done, which turned out great and was substantially less expensive than the other quotes I received.... read more

Prakash D. Avatar
Prakash D.
12/26/2020 - Thumbtack

Quick and timely response and fix

David N. Avatar
David N.
12/23/2020 - Thumbtack


JOHN T. Avatar
11/19/2020 - Thumbtack


Christian B. Avatar
Christian B.
11/13/2020 - Thumbtack

Fast response, estimate was very thorough and accurate, work was done exactly as planned and done fast! Would highly recommend... read more

Katy S. Avatar
Katy S.
11/13/2020 - Thumbtack

Just the way service should be! Reasonable price, great communication and completed within 24 hours of quote. ... read more

Aaron C. Avatar
Aaron C.
10/12/2020 - Thumbtack

Awesome work all around fro estimate to finish

James G. Avatar
James G.
10/08/2020 - Thumbtack

Very professional and efficient did the job they were hired to do very well

Zelna F. Avatar
Zelna F.
10/07/2020 - Thumbtack

Quick response time on project detail and easy to communicate with. Knowledgeable and professional team with reasonable pricing. ... read more

Aaron C. Avatar
Aaron C.
10/07/2020 - Thumbtack

Leo was one of four firms that I had come out to since a roofing problem and was one... read more

Linda F. Avatar
Linda F.
9/13/2020 - Thumbtack

They took the time and trouble to really assess my roof problem. by recommending a repair, rather than a new... read more

Kareen W. Avatar
Kareen W.
9/12/2020 - Thumbtack

Roof fixed fast!

Cheryl o. Avatar
Cheryl o.
9/11/2020 - Thumbtack

Responded quickly, fixed the issue beautifully

Renata B. Avatar
Renata B.
8/04/2020 - Thumbtack

I would highly recommend Universal Construction. Their level of professionalism is far beyond any other company I’ve worked with. Easy... read more

Zelna Fourie Avatar
Zelna Fourie
7/28/2020 - Thumbtack

Universal Construction was always responsive to all questions asked. Quick response time on project detail and easy to communicate with.... read more

Tiago Silva Avatar
Tiago Silva
7/16/2020 - Thumbtack

I highly recommend this company I have great experiences they went over my expectations on all aspects thanks for all... read more

John DePratti Avatar
John DePratti
7/02/2020 - Thumbtack

Leandro and his team are the best! We could not be happier with the quality and level of service... read more

F Pan Avatar
F Pan
4/13/2020 - Thumbtack

We had our roof repair done by Universal Construction . They did an excellent job, the roof looks great!... read more

Kim Cieslak Avatar
Kim Cieslak
4/01/2020 - Thumbtack

Leandro was fabulous. He responded immediately to an urgent call as we had rain water leaking into our interior living... read more

Lucas Campos Avatar
Lucas Campos
10/04/2020 - Google

The best in the area, I totally recommend them. I have had a couple of other roof installation companies work... read more

Josue Aceituno Avatar
Josue Aceituno
10/04/2020 - Google

I absolutely loved the work Luccas and his company did. It’s very hard to find trustworthy contractors nowadays. His crew... read more

Alec Fernandez Avatar
Alec Fernandez
10/04/2020 - Google

Great service! Really appreciated how pleasant everyone is. We had a tree do some damage to our roof and gutters... read more

Steve Dinobile Avatar
Steve Dinobile
10/04/2020 - Google

Universal Construction did a great job for my roof replacement in Millis, very professional, very responsive, high quality work. 100% recommend

Casey Crager Avatar
Casey Crager
10/04/2020 - Google

I had a rubber roof installed on a low pitch dormer and a metal roof installed on an addition. ... read more

Z Su Avatar
Z Su
9/04/2020 - Google

Our shed was damaged badly during the recent storm. Leo and his team came and rebuilt the roof quickly. They... read more

Ram Liebenthal Avatar
Ram Liebenthal
9/04/2020 - Google

Excellent responsiveness and work by the Universal Construction team. The team showed up early, worked hard and made sure... read more

Tiago Silva Avatar
Tiago Silva
8/04/2020 - Google

I highly recommend this company I have great experiences they went over my expectations on all aspects thanks for all... read more

Tina l. Avatar
Tina l.
4/30/2021 - Thumbtack

Leandro’s crew came with professional skills and helped us repaired one of the problem area on our roof. Work was... read more

Susan Carr Avatar
Susan Carr
5/19/2021 - Google

The workers were courteous, professional- cleaned up everything end. Very nice people and hard working. Would hire them again.

Shrikant R. Avatar
Shrikant R.
6/18/2021 - Thumbtack

Leo did very good job. We are happy the way he did our bathroom exhaust fan ducts and vent pipe... read more

Tolga A. Avatar
Tolga A.
6/23/2021 - Thumbtack

If you are looking for a professional to have a new roof installed or repaired then Leandro is the best... read more

Julie Courchaine Avatar
Julie Courchaine
7/24/2022 - Google

If I could give more then 5 stars I would give a million!!!! Great service from Leo and his staff... read more

Bridget Mower Avatar
Bridget Mower
6/24/2022 - Google

Leo and Lucas were fantastic from start to finish. They gave my leaky roof a thorough inspection, inside and out,... read more

Maria Tsokos Avatar
Maria Tsokos
6/24/2022 - Google

Highly recommended! Leo is outstanding! We had a leak in the roof. Several people who had come before him could... read more

Ellen Sullivan Avatar
Ellen Sullivan
5/24/2022 - Google

Leandro and his guys did an incredible job and at a great price. The roof looks spectacular!! We are... read more

Ajay Kapadia Avatar
Ajay Kapadia
5/24/2022 - Google

Replaced my slate roof with asphalt and replaced the gutters. Leo’s team did a great job at an incredible price.... read more

John Till Avatar
John Till
4/24/2022 - Google

Universal was responsive to my call for an estimate and began work same day to remove my gutter helmets. The... read more

Alberto D Avatar
Alberto D
4/24/2022 - Google

I hired Universal Roofing to replace the roof for our house in Ashland. I'm very Satisfied with the... read more

Michael Rachimi Avatar
Michael Rachimi
4/24/2022 - Google

Luccas was the best to work with. Great communication. Did the job in 1 day. Looks amazing. The team went... read more

John Tree Avatar
John Tree
3/24/2022 - Google

Leandro, Lucas and team did a fantastic job. They arrived promptly at the expected time, immediately began their work, and... read more

Natalia Avatar
2/24/2022 - Google

They did an amazing job! Very professional.

Kyle R. Avatar
Kyle R.
7/01/2022 - Thumbtack

Great job sealed our skylight with great results.

Jennifer N. Avatar
Jennifer N.
6/17/2022 - Thumbtack

Fabulous experience with Leandro and his crew. From the initial reach out to the completion of the job was within... read more

Sol c. Avatar
Sol c.
4/19/2022 - Thumbtack


David R. Avatar
David R.
3/24/2022 - Thumbtack

It was great working with the team from UC!

Andrea B. Avatar
Andrea B.
2/18/2022 - Thumbtack

Got my roof fixed in September and it started leaking again in February kinda disappointed with the work and will... read more

Frank C. Avatar
Frank C.
1/04/2022 - Thumbtack

They did an awesome job. Strongly recommend.

Megan l. Avatar
Megan l.
9/13/2021 - Thumbtack

Wonderful experience with Universal! During our initial consult, Leandro noticed all the issues with our roof right away. I was... read more

Frank A. Avatar
Frank A.
9/13/2021 - Thumbtack

Great work and attention to detail.

Harvey C. Avatar
Harvey C.
9/03/2021 - Thumbtack

I had an excellent experience working with Universal Construction. They responded quickly, was clear on the work to be... read more

Frank V. Avatar
Frank V.
8/23/2021 - Thumbtack

Needed a small repair on a leaking vent in our roof. Universal Construction was very responsive from the beginning and... read more

Daniel D. Avatar
Daniel D.
8/20/2021 - Thumbtack

Universal Construction arrived right when they said that they would, and began working to repair a chimney leak right away.... read more

Yann B. Avatar
Yann B.
8/13/2021 - Thumbtack

Good job to replace my garage roof. Fast and clean around after the work.

Anish U. Avatar
Anish U.
7/16/2021 - Thumbtack

Leandro and his crew are true professionals. Came promptly, worked quickly and provided great service. I recommend Iniversal without any... read more

Steve D. Avatar
Steve D.
7/14/2021 - Thumbtack

Leandro (owner) was very responsive. Took the time to explain the problem clearly. Suggested a much less expensive repair than... read more

Lillian G. Avatar
Lillian G.
7/07/2021 - Thumbtack

I had a very good overall experience with Universal roofing and construction. Leandro was quick to respond and to fix... read more

Peggy M. Avatar
Peggy M.
7/25/2022 - Thumbtack

Leo responded quickly, assessed the roof damage, and completed the work within a day after I accepted his quote. ... read more

kevin Flagg Avatar
kevin Flagg
7/29/2022 - Google

Can’t say enough good things about Leandro and his crew. They operated like a well oiled machine and cleaned up... read more

Jordan Amdahl Avatar
Jordan Amdahl
8/09/2022 - Google

Worked fast

Gautam Sharma Avatar
Gautam Sharma
8/23/2022 - Google

Leandro at Universal Roofing is very professional and responsive. They finished the roof on time and on budget. I would... read more

Ganesh B. Avatar
Ganesh B.
8/26/2022 - Thumbtack

Universal Construction Inc did a great job with the roofing. Leo was very professional and extremely helpful. They were able... read more

Sarah Monahan Avatar
Sarah Monahan
8/31/2022 - Google

The Universal Roofing team was great in helping to update our gutters and replace trim on our home. Leandro... read more

Tom Cobb Avatar
Tom Cobb
9/23/2022 - Google

Great experience with Universal Roofing. We replaced our roof and added gutters. The team on-site doing the work was professional... read more

Stefano Sguazzin Avatar
Stefano Sguazzin
9/27/2022 - Google

I almost never write a review, but this is an exception because I am very happy with the entire experience.... read more

Jeffrey Lingham Avatar
Jeffrey Lingham
10/03/2022 - Google

The owner, Leandro, is excellent at communications, he picked up the phone when I called, replied to my texts promptly,... read more